We do slow cooked meats, slow-risen doughs, comfort food classics and a few bakery items you won’t find anywhere else. Pretty much everything is made in house, but don’t try this at home. We package our food so you can grab and go.

Slow tastes good, but we won’t make you wait…you’ll get our food fast, hot and fresh. Kitchen to mouth in minutes. And it won’t cost you an arm, leg, or paw. Take an inside look at our signature “sandwiches” HERE and download the full menu HERE!


Hot Buns

A cushion of golden goodness stuffed with:

Beef $4

Tender, juicy beef with herbs & veg; chili glaze and silky savory sauce

Pork $4

Crackly, tender pork; with herbs & veg; chili glaze and silky savory sauce

Sesame $4

Crispy-creamy tofu; ginger-sesame sauce and crunchy veg (V)

Spice Rolls

Indian-style flatbread nirvana rolled up with your choice of:

Chili-Chix $4

Tender chicken; melted sweet onions; spiced chili sauce; flavor soaked veg

Beef $4

Chopped beef; spiced chili sauce; flavor soaked veg; house cured onions

Pork $4

Crackly, tender pork; spiced chili sauce; flavor soaked veg

Cheese ‘n’ Peas $4

Custom blend queso; green pearl pods; spiced chili sauce; flavor soaked veg; house cured onions (V)

Corn Pockets

A crispy pouch of corny triumph jam packed with:

Beef $4

Chopped beef; spicy black beans; melty cheese; house-cured onions; salsa verde

Pork $4

Chopped pork; melty cheese; house cured onions; salsa verde

Chix $4

Warm chicken; silky green sauce; melted sweet onions

Black Bean $4

Spicy black beans; melty cheese; salsa verde (V)




Oh’ Sweet Chili

Tender chopped beef simmered in a rich red chili sauce, served with potato dumplings & spicy beans




Fat orbs of beef and pork, stuffed with a custom blend of cheeses, then simmered in our tomato sauce. Served with housemade pasta, ‘yesterday’s bread’ and maybe some veggies.



Green Chili Burger & Fries

Custom beef blend topped with roasted green chilis, cheese sauce and melted onions. Sounds like a hot mess but isn’t. Served with seasoned cottage fries.


‘Still to Receive a Cute Name’ Fried Chicken

Two boneless, skinless breast halves (sounds lame, but they’re tasty); corn biscuit w/onion jam & veggies. Served with honey mustard and maple bourbon sauces.



Fish Tacos

Light, fresh, with some fruit and spice, just the way Rosie likes it



Mac & Sleeze

Twirly pasta tossed with a hot mess of velvety (but not Velveeta) cheese; served with itself.




Rosie’s Best Cookie $2

Lush, buttery, pistachio chocolate-chip, the one cookie to rule them all

And Coming Soon!

Choco Airliner

Chocolate sable with ginger cookie spread

And More On The Way!

Ice Cream Sandwich

This ain’t no Klondike

Custard Bars

Three layers of salt, sweet, and bliss